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Shadow Marching Arts Statistics

Money Raised
Plunge Team Fundraising Goal: $20,000.00
Total Raised: $15,157.88

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 150
Members Recruited: 104

Shadow DBC performing "This Mortal Coil" (Summer 2017)

Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps and our family of ensembles - winterguard, winterguard cadets, indoor percussion, and cadet marching band - are built on a tradition of excellence that stretches back to 1972 and the genesis of the Mid-America Competing Band Directors Association. The Oregon High School Summer Marching Band was a founding member of MACBDA and has competed in every summer season since it's inception. In 2007, a winterguard was added to the fold and the next year, an indoor percussion ensemble. Both winter ensembles went on to distinguish themselves in WGI, with the 2015 Shadow Indoor Percussion ensemble earning a finals berth in Independent Open Class. Also in 2008, the marching band adopted the name "Shadow Armada," to replace the bulkier OHSSMB moniker. In 2016, our flagship band became simply "Shadow" and was accepted into the vaunted ranks of Marching Music's Major League, Drum Corps International. Now, Oregon High School in Oregon, Wisconsin, has the unprecedented distinction of featuring not only an A Class Winterguard and an Open Class Indoor Percussion ensemble with WGI, but also a true Drum and Bugle Corps. And all of these wonderful extracurricular offerings exist in addition to top-notch K-12 curricula, where our general, vocal, strings, and band music education suites are among the most robust in the state. The Oregon School District is proud to provide strong support for the arts and, in the case of Shadow, a portfolio of student experiences that is unrivaled at any school, anywhere.

Working in partnership with the Oregon School District is the Oregon Band Boosters, INC. This organization provides the logistical backbone for all things Shadow (not to mention all things Oregon Band) and without them, we would certainly not exist today.

As a result of this long-lasting support and vision, Shadow is a unique and essential component of the educational and civic community in Oregon and in southern Wisconsin. We strive to uphold our ideals as articulated in our Five Core Values. We pride ourselves on inclusiveness and sustainable operation, and we are proud to serve all young people who have an interest in the marching arts.

Plunge Team Members:
Total Raised$15,157.88  
General Plunge Team Donation$1,065.00  
Rebecca Compton-Allen$2,041.00  
   Stephanie Maletz$30.00  
   Rachel Winter$25.00  
   Thomas Agre$155.00  
   Meena Alvarado$400.00  
   Zach Arvold$155.00  
   Hank Attiyeh$320.00  
   Jared Bauer$0.00  
   Andrea Bennett $0.00  
   Oscar Bennett$0.00  
   Nathaniel Brandenburg $0.00  
   Dalton Bright$40.00  
   Caden Brown$0.00  
   Clark Burnham$0.00  
   Trudy Burnham$0.00  
   Chloe Byron$280.00  
   Laura Cameron$0.00  
   Patrick Clark $120.00  
   Bryce Cooperrider$0.00  
   Hannah Cooperrider$30.00  
   Jorge Cruz$0.00  
   Riley Demarais$0.00  
   Shawn Dennis $0.00  
   Mackenzie Derhammer$0.00  
   Joshua Dieter$160.00  
   Jyotika Dietrich$0.00  
   Scott Downs$0.00  
   Larson Edquist$275.00  
   Victoria Fredrickson$0.00  
   Alex Goertzen$0.00  
   Brynna Gonzalez$100.00  
   Leia Gransee$40.00  
   Jackie Grebel$0.00  
   Sam Hantzsch$0.00  
   Thomas Hardey$170.00  
   Shelby Hargis$0.00  
   Garrett Hayes$0.00  
   Dakota Heffernan$0.00  
   David Henzie-Skogen$1,755.00  
   Kaylee Hernandez$205.00  
   Max Higgins$350.00  
   Brian Hilten$250.00  
   DeDe Hoke$25.00  
   Georgia Hook$0.00  
   Adam Jagdfeld$825.00  
   Jamie Jakusz$310.00  
   Carly King$190.00  
   Jackson King$25.00  
   Mitchell King$150.00  
   Quinlyn Klade$0.00  
   Claire Kruser$25.00  
   Nick Lane$565.00  
   Acacia Learish$0.00  
   Samantha Liechty$100.00  
   Maria Lock$0.00  
   jeremiah lopez-zastrow$300.00  
   Ethan Luebbers$175.00  
   Marcela Marquez$0.00  
   Megan Martingilio $0.00  
   Ethan Mayo$150.00  
   Seth Mayo$251.00  
   Thomas McLaughlin$0.00  
   Eden Meidl$25.00  
   Jacob Murphy$150.00  
   christine netschke$0.00  
   Cameron Nevel$630.00  
   Claysha O'Neill$10.00  
   Zach Olesen$250.00  
   Marina Palacios$0.00  
   Jack Patterson$300.00  
   Lyzie Patton$0.00  
   Harrison Prewett$10.00  
   Kaia Ravet$140.00  
   Charlie Rindy$300.00  
   Gace Rindy$0.00  
   Amy Roelke$900.00  
   Chandler Rolfsmeyer$65.00  
   Cristal Sanabrua$0.00  
   Kiran Sanders Fleming$50.00  
   Stone Scharmer$100.00  
   Brooke Schmidt$0.00  
   Ivy Schnelle$0.00  
   Abigail Seitz$0.00  
   Eden Shambrook$0.00  
   Maddie Shook$25.00  
   Kathryn Small$370.88  
   Deja Smith $0.00  
   Kylin Sprague$5.00  
   Marcus Steindl$170.00  
   phoenix steltenpohl$0.00  
   Stevee Stout$0.00  
   Matt Stover$0.00  
   Julia Terhaar$0.00  
   Karlie Terrill$0.00  
   Dan Tewalt$145.00  
   Landon Theis$50.00  
   Elizabeth Traska$100.00  
   Carlos Valadez$0.00  
   Natalie Walker$20.00  
   Sophie Wanta$0.00  
   Kayla Wizinsky$135.00  
   Ethan Wyland$130.00  
   Zachary Young$20.00  
   Dustin Zastrow$0.00  

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